Here at Mauras Cottage Flowers we do a limited number of weddings every year. 

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding day

Your wedding flowers will frame your wedding


  • Should reflect the brides personality and style
  •  Need to compliment the style of your bridal gown and colour of bridesmaids  dresses
  • Should have scent to create wedding day memories
  • Can pull the whole celebration together by continuity of theme , from the bouquets to  church décor right through to venue
  • Can be used to create unique headpieces
  • May be used to dress the cake table
  • Can be included on your menu, edible flowers can be used in salads, main course, desserts and to decorate the cake itself
  • Can be a talking point, bee-friendly, chemical -free are in vogue  at present
  • Complex textures and variegated  foliage add character to your arrangement


When you choose Maura's Cottage Flowers you are choosing a florist that will be offer you a personal service ensuring every aspect of the floral design is perfect on your special day.

Below are some photos from  2015 weddings.